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Name: República de Colombia.

Capital: Bogotá, D.C.

Main Cities: Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Bucaramanga,

Population: 44'7 million people

Climate:Tropical along coast and eastern plains; cooler in highlands

Time:GMT -5 hours (normal/summer)

Government:Participative Democracy.

President:Juan Manuel Santos (2010-2014)


Currency:Colombian Peso


Natural Resources

Colombia has vast mineral and energy resources, which are being explored and developed for economic benefit. including petroleum, natural gas, coal, iron ore, nickel, gold, copper and emeralds. Colombia has over 37 billion barrels of oil potential and is currently the largest foreign provider of coal to the United States.

Colombia is the fifth largest supplier of foreign oil to the United States. also is rich in water, its many rivers offer great potential for power generation, transport and recreation.


Is located in the Northwestern corner of South America. Colombia has coasts on the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, that constitutes its west and north limits respectively. At the east limits with Venezuela and Brazil, at the south with Peru and Ecuador and at the northwest with Panama. With an extension of 1.141.748 sqm and 44.7 million people, Colombia is the fourth larger country in South America. Colombia is political divided into 32 departments and 1 capital district* (distrito capital). More than 70% of Colombians live in just 10 cities.


Colombia is Latin America’s oldest and most stable democracy. It has experienced peaceful changes of Government every four years over the last half century. The people through free, fair and competitive elections have elected government leaders. Is governed under a 1991 constitution. The president serves a four-year term. The legislature, subservient to the president, consists of a senate and a house of representatives. The supreme court is chosen by the president and the legislature