We focus on providing outsourcing services for companies in the shipping sector, freight forwarder and the foreign trade sector. We are able to develop processes and mechanisms to handle paperwork in port, document handling and container control.

Value Proposal: "More time for your business"

We take care of the operational needs of your company, attending processes that do not belong to the essence of the client’s business, allowing you to focus your efforts on critical activities for the fulfillment of your mission and strategic objectives.

We offer the following services:

Documentary Administration

  • Import & Export.
  • Cargo Release Control and Management.
  • Automation of tasks.

Customs Management

  • Customs Manifestation.

Procedures and Front Desk

  • Deconsolidation of containers.
  • Customer service window.
  • Procedures before authorities / special procedures

Container Control

  • Tracking containers.
  • Management and control of delays.
  • Management and control of damages.
  • Issuance of Commodities.
  • Real-time billing.
  • EDI management.
  • Opening / closing of commodities.

Back Office Administration

  • Billing.
  • Ownership Advance Management.
  • Liquidation and billing of ships.
  • Portfolio Collection
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